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What To Know About Your VER Test

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The brain produces electrical currents in response to information that enters through your senses. At Nassau Suffolk Neurology, we use visual evoked response (VER) tests to diagnose issues with the optic nerves that affect sight. Continue reading to discover what you need to know about your upcoming VER test. 

What is a VER Test?

Your nervous system connects with the body through cells that communicate with electrical signals. When your body receives stimulation, these signals pass through your nervous system to your brain. Some medical conditions can impact the signaling time and result in a slow response. Visually evoked potential or response (VEP/VER) tests measure your brain’s responses to visual stimuli. A VER test can diagnose issues with the optic nerve that affects sight. This test can also be used to determine if there is damage to the optical pathway that may be causing visual symptoms. 

When you visit Nassau Suffolk Neurology for your VER test, our neurologist will apply conducting gel to your scalp and place electrodes on your scalp over the areas of your brain responsible for recognizing and interpreting visual stimuli. You will be seated in front of a screen, ready to start your VER test. Our staff will ask you to focus your attention on the center of the screen and ask you to close one eye at a time as the screen displays a pattern. This test is relatively painless and typically takes no more than one hour. During your exam, you are only required to remain focused throughout. A VER test can do the following:

  • Assess sight.
  • Detects damage to the optic nerve. 
  • Diagnose and monitor diseases that cause nerve damage. 

Once your VER test is complete, our neurologist will analyze the results and determine if the symptoms you experience are related to nerve issues. 

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If you’ve been asked to undergo a VER test, you should know that this is an effective evaluation that can help detect issues affecting your optic nerves. With the help of this test, our team at Nassau Suffolk Neurology can identify the problem affecting the nerves and take the necessary steps to preserve nerve function early on. To learn more about your upcoming VER test or schedule an appointment, be sure to contact us today!