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What is an EMG Test?

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Electromyography, or EMG for short, is a procedure used to diagnose possible medical conditions by evaluating the health of your muscles and the nerves that control them. Known as motor neurons, they transmit electrical signals allowing the muscles to relax and contract. Through an EMG test, these signals are then translated into numbers and graphs, allowing for interpretation, further assisting doctors when making giving a diagnosis to a patient. Has your doctor recommended acquiring an EMG test, and you are in search of a neurologist in Long Island, NY? Look no further, Nassau Suffolk Neurology is here to help! 


Why an EMG Test? 

To perform an EMG test, the neurologist will record the electrical activity in one of your muscles by inserting tiny needles into the area. In addition to the needle electrode portion, electrode stickers may be placed onto the skin to measure to speed and strength of the electrical signals traveling from point to point throughout your body. Your doctor will recommend this procedure if you or a loved one has been experiencing signs and symptoms related to a muscle or nerve disorder. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: 


Are There Any Risks To This Procedure?   

The EMG is a very low-risk procedure. It is important to know that complications are rare; however, it is common to feel sore in the area that the needle was inserted into for a couple of days, and simple ibuprofen can help relieve your discomfort. If you are experiencing tingling sensations, bruising, or swelling near the insertion sites, make sure that your neurologist in Long Island, NY, is aware and closely monitors the sites each day moving forward. 


What Can an EMG Test Diagnose? 

EMG test results are often vital for diagnosing and ruling out many muscles and nerve diseases that you or a loved one may be suffering from. Once the results are gathered from the procedure, a neurologist in Long Island, NY, will evaluate and interpret the results, as well as create a report explaining his or her findings. Many conditions can be uncovered during this procedure and include but are not limited to: 

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