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What is an EMG Test?

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Electromyography (EMG) is a medical test performed to study nerve and muscle functioning. Specifically, it measures how well your muscles are responding to signals from nerves, which are meant to result in movement. An EMG test is often prescribed when patients are experiencing unexplained muscle weakness.

The test helps distinguish the root of the issue whether it be problems within the muscle, weakness due to pain, or a nerve irritation/injury. Results of the test can help our neurologist in Babylon identify the exact location and the extent of your injury as well as provide some indication of whether or not the damage is reversible.

Before the test:

You and your doctor will discuss the procedure along with any questions you may have.
Notify your doctor of all medications and herbal supplements you take as well as if you have a pacemaker.
Shower to remove any oils from the skin and avoid lotions and creams.
Wear clothing that allows easy access to the injured area or can be easily removed.
Follow your doctor’s specific preparation instructions based on your condition.

During the test:

You’ll be asked to remove any objects that may interfere with the test such as glasses, jewelry, hair pins, hearing aids, etc.
Our neurologist in Babylon will locate the affected muscle and cleanse the surrounding skin.
Next, they will insert one or more fine needles into the muscle and place a metal place under you.
If you’re in pain, it is important to let your doctor know as this can throw off your test results.
The examiner will have you relax and contract the muscle. As you do so, the electrical activity from the muscle will be displayed on the oscilloscope screen. The size and shape of the waveform gives doctors information on your muscles responsiveness.
A healthy muscle will only show electrical activity upon contraction. Abnormal activity during rest or contraction may indicate muscle/nerve damage.

After the test:

You may experience some soreness a day or two following the exam.
Let your doctor know if your symptoms worsen or you’re experience swelling or pus in the area tested.
Follow any specific instructions given by your doctor following the procedure.

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