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What is a Neurologist?

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Do you have pain in your spine, brain, or nerves? If so, you should visit our neurologist near West Islip at Nassau Suffolk Neurology. Dr. Adamo provides quality care to his patients, and ensures that each individual leaves his office in a better condition than when they entered.

A neurologist specializes in disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system. This area includes your spinal cord, nerves, and brain. If you or someone you know suffers from a neurological disorder, do not hesitate to get in touch with our neurologist near West Islip at Nassau Suffolk Neurology. We strive to provide the best service to our patients in need.

What Does A Neurologist Treat?

There are certain neurological disorders that our neurologist near West Islip will treat.

These include:

Multiple Sclerosis
Headache Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Myasthenia Gravis
Parkinson’s Disease
Infections in the Brain
Speech Disorders

Some symptoms that occur due to this diseases are partial or complete paralysis, muscle weakness, partial or complete loss of sensation, seizures, difficulty reading and writing, poor cognitive abilities, unexplained pain, and decreased alertness.

If you are looking for a neurologist near West Islip, then Nassau Suffolk Neurology is the place for you!

What Can a Neurologist Do For You?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology, which is a neurologist near West Islip, offers an array of tests that can be done to help your nervous system! We offer EMG, EEG, BAER, VER, Balance testing, and an ANS Study. If anyone needs a neurologist, Nassau Suffolk Neurology is a high-quality neurologist near West Islip.

Due to there being such a wide range of diseases that a neurologist treats, there are various forms of treatment that the neurologist might suggest. The type of treatment a neurologist will suggest will vary greatly depending on what the injury is. A patient who has severe headaches will receive different treatment than a patient who has epilepsy.

Neurologist near West Islip

Dr. Anthony Adamo fulfills the high expectations that his patient set out for him. With over 25 years of clinical experience in the neurology field, he has been serving the Long Island community with the highest care. If you or someone you know suffer from any of these neurological disorders, then book an appointment with our neurologist near West Islip with Nassau Suffolk Neurology!