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What is a BAER test?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology > What is a BAER test?

If your child is experiencing difficulty hearing, you should seek out our neurologist in Babylon at Nassau Suffolk Neurology to undergo a BAER Test.

What Is A BAER Test?

BAER is identified as a brainstem auditory evoked response test to recognize how your mind treats the noises you hear. This examination can also be recognized as a brainstorm auditory evoked potential (BAEP) or auditory brainstem response test (ABR). This test is used to help diagnose hearing loss and nervous system complications. It is utilized mostly for younger children who cannot participate in regular hearing tests. If your child has trouble hearing, visit a neurologist in Babylon today to see if a BAER test is needed.

What occurs during a BAER test?

These tests do not last long and are relatively easy. Although there is no way to prepare for the test, your child’s doctor might ask for their hair to be washed to make sure that excess oils are diminished. As for the test itself, our neurologist in Babylon will place small electrodes on their ears and scalp. These electrodes are joined to a device that registers how their brain replies to the sounds. Our doctor will then place headphones on you with a recording of sounds. The machine will record how if your child hears the sounds properly without having to do anything.

What does a negative test entail?

Unusual test results can mean many different things. Most of the time it means your child has hearing loss or damage to your nervous system. These could be generated from:

A stroke
Brain injury
Multiple sclerosis
Brain tumor
Speech disorder

Visit a neurologist in Babylon to see if your child’s hearing needs to be checked through a BAER test.

When a BAER test is usually performed:

As said earlier, this method is usually performed on newborns or young children. If your child is premature, BAER testing is usually used. It does not immediately mean that your child has hearing problems, further testing needs to be performed to make sure. Fluid in the ears and blocked ear canals could impact the way the test results show up. Another common reason for this test would be if your child has developmental delays.

Stop into a neurologist in Babylon today to see if the BAER test is the next step for your child.