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What does a BAER test show?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology > What does a BAER test show?


A Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response test, or a BAER test, is a medical examination that helps you see how your brain reacts to sound. The test records your brainwaves after you hear audio tones or clicks. This can help a doctor diagnose hearing loss or possible nerve damage, especially in babies or young children who are unable to conduct a standard hearing examination. If you are looking for a neurologist in Babylon who can conduct a BAER test, contact Nassau Suffolk Neurology today. Your health is our biggest priority. Come in for an examination or call our office to find out if a BAER test is right for you. 


What happens during a BAER test?


BAER tests are simple, quick, and pain-free. All you have to do is lie on a chair while your doctor places electrodes (sticky patches) on your head and ears. The electrodes are attached to a machine through wires that record your brain activity. Through a pair of headphones, you will be able to hear a series of sounds like clicks and tones. Then the machine will show you how your brain reacts to the sound. 


What should I do before a BAER test?


Luckily, you won’t need to prepare for the exam although your doctor might suggest that you wash your hair the night before so it’s easy to place the electrodes onto your scalp. You can be awake during the exam, however, some young children might need a sedative to relax during the procedure. 


What can I understand from my results?


Your test results will be a print out that shows spikes that represent each time you heard a sound. If there is a flatline where there should be a spike, then you might be experiencing hearing loss. Abnormal test results can also mean that you are suffering from bigger health problems that can cause hearing loss. For example, a brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, or central pontine myelinolysis cause damage to the nerve cells, which leads to loss of hearing. 


Neurologist in Babylon


At Nassau Suffolk Neurology, we offer BAER tests to all our patients. Our neurologists can help diagnose your problems. If you are looking for a neurologist in Babylon for yourself or a loved one who is having trouble hearing, contact us or make an appointment on our website today.