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What Are The Most Common Neurological Disorders?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology > What Are The Most Common Neurological Disorders?

The nervous system is a very elaborate and complex system within the body that consists of two major segments, the peripheral and central nervous systems. The peripheral nervous systems primarily consist of the nerves that are spread throughout the body that stem from the brain. While the central nervous system deals more with the brain and spine. These parts of the body can sometimes have disorders and abnormalities that can affect our day-to-day life. If you feel as though you have an issue with your nervous system and are searching for a neurologist in West Islip NY contact Nassau Suffolk Neurology. Their well-trained, caring staff will be able to help diagnose your health needs while providing you with the best plan to treat the issue.


What is a neurological disorder?

Neurological disorders are any type of abnormality or disease that affects the central and/or peripheral nervous system of the body. Some are common that can be treatable, while others can be rare and also be potentially life-threatening. They can affect your daily activities, such as walking, communicating, breathing, swallowing, memory, and even your senses. 

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Common types of neurological disorders

There are many types of neurological disorders that people experience, some are more prevalent than others. Almost everyone knows someone who has or has dealt with a type of neurological disorder. Common neurological disorders include:


Treatments for Neurological disorders

Treatments for neurological disorders depend mostly on the condition and progression of the disorder the person is experiencing. If you feel as though you have a neurological disorder you should schedule an appointment with a neurologist to help better assess the problem at hand. There are many different types of treatments that they can offer, such as the use of prescribed medications by a neurologist, physical therapy to help you relearn how to do basic motor functions, and surgical options if necessary.


How Nassau Suffolk Neurology – A Neurologist in West Islip NY – Can Help!

Even though neurological disorders can be scary Nassau Suffolk Neurology is here to help you. They offer and provide a variety of different services that will be able to help you during these tough times. They have some of the best staff that will be able to help clarify and give insight into any questions you may have concerning any neurological disorders. They are committed to helping you overcome any neurological obstacles that you may face. If you are looking for any neurologist around West Islip NY then you should schedule an appointment with Nassau Suffolk Neurology