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What Does a Neurologist Treat You For?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology > What Does a Neurologist Treat You For?

What is a Neurologist?

A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in neurology. Neurology is the area of medicine that involves nervous system disorders. The central nervous system includes the brain and spinal cord, while the peripheral nervous system is made up of the body’s nerves. The nervous system is extremely complex and highly involved, so look to the expert neurologist near Bay Shore, NY. 

What Does a Neurologist Treat You For?

Injuries, illnesses, and disorders that impact the nervous system require a neurologist’s treatment. A neurologist treats disorders for both components of the nervous system. Some disorders of the nervous system include:

  • Epilepsy – A common disorder characterized by a sudden increase in electrical activity in the brain and unprovoked seizures.
  • Multiple Sclerosis – A disease of the brain and spinal cord where the immune system damages nerve coverings. 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – A disease that causes memory loss and issues with other normal brain function. 
  • Tourette’s Syndrome – Neurological disorder accompanied by involuntary tics. 
  • Brain Injury 
  • Brain Tumors 
  • Migraines

Neurologist near Bay Shore, NYA neurologist near Bay Shore, NY can also treat diseases that attack the nervous system, like infections or cancers. Symptoms of a neurological disorder may range in their degree of severity. If you are experiencing headaches, chronic pain, seizures, memory issues, or speech issues, you may need to be referred to a neurologist near Bay Shore, NY for treatment or testing. 


Neurological Testing

If you are referred to a neurologist, you will most likely participate in a neurological exam. Since the nervous system is so involved, you might need to undergo further testing. Common tests include:

  • EMG/NCV – Electromyography and nerve conduction velocity tests are used for evaluating symptoms of numbness, weakness, and pain. 
  • EEG – Electroencephalogram is used to study the brain’s electrical activity to help diagnose dementia and epilepsy, as well as other brain disorders. 
  • VEP – The visually evoked potential test is used to evaluate the parts of the brain that process vision. It is used to test blurred or double vision. 
  • Lumbar Puncture – If the cause of your symptoms is discovered in your spinal fluid, this test is recommended. 


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If you are experiencing symptoms of a neurological disorder and want to receive neurological testing, a neurologist near Bay Shore, NY Nassau Suffolk Neurology has you covered. Dr. Adamo is highly experienced with neurological disorders and treatments. At Nassau Suffolk Neurology, you can be confident that you are receiving the highest quality care, with one of the best doctors on Long Island! Schedule your appointment today!