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How does Parkinson’s disease affect a person?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology > How does Parkinson’s disease affect a person?

Parkinson’s disease affects movement in the body, due to a  nervous system disorder. When your bodies dopamine-producing neurons die this can cause slowness and balance problems. If you or a loved one is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, you may want to make an appointment with Nassau Suffolk Neurology and see how a Neurologist near West Islip can help you. 


Stages of Parkinson:

There are five common stages of Parkinson’s Disease:


Stage 1: In stage one the person has mild symptoms that do not interfere with daily activities. On one side of the body tremors, and movement symptoms can occur, as well as changes in posture, walking, and facial expressions. 


Stage 2: A person may notice poor posture and walking problems. The person can live alone still at this stage, but daily tasks may become more difficult. 


Stage 3:  The person may begin to notice a loss of balance and slowness. Falls are also more common at this stage and activities such as eating and dressing may become harder.


Stage 4: Symptoms may become more severe at this stage, and movement may require a walker. At this stage, the person may need help with daily living activities and is unable to live alone.


Stage 5: Stage 5 is the most advanced and debilitating. Stiffness in the legs can make it impossible to stand and walk. The person may experience hallucinations and delusions at this stage.


Symptoms of Parkinson:

Some of the most common causes of Parkinson’s disease include:

Tremor: This usually begins in your limb, often your hands or fingers. 

Slowed Movement

Rigid Muscles

Impaired posture and balance

Loss of automatic movements

Speech changes

Writing changes


Neurologist near West Islip

Visiting a Neurologist when dealing with Parkinson’s disease can be very beneficial. When visiting a Neurologist for Parkinson’s disease you can expect to establish a treatment plan, where you go over any medication needs or changes. You will also be able to have any of your questions answered, and learn about the ins and outs of Parkinson’s disease. If you or someone you know is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease please feel free to visit our website and schedule an appointment with a Neurologist near West Islip. See if we accept your insurance by clicking here.