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What is a Neurologist? 

Do you have pain in your spine, brain, or nerves? If so, you should visit our Neurologist Long Island NY at Nassau Suffolk Neurology.  Dr. Adamo provides quality care to his patients and ensures that each individual leaves his office in a better condition than when they entered. 

A neurologist specializes in disorders of the central and peripheral nervous systems.  This area includes your spinal cord, nerves, and brain. If you or someone you know suffers from a neurological disorder, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Neurologist Long Island NY at Nassau Suffolk Neurology.  We strive to provide the best service to our patients in need.

What Does A Neurologist Treat? 

There are certain neurological disorders that our Neurologist Long Island NY will treat. These include: 

  • Strokes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Headache Disorders 
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Myasthenia Gravis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Infections in the Brain
  • Speech Disorders
  • Epilepsy

Some symptoms that occur due to these diseases are partial or complete paralysis, muscle weakness, partial or complete loss of sensation, seizures, difficulty reading and writing, poor cognitive abilities, unexplained pain, and decreased alertness.

If you are looking for a Neurologist Long Island NY, then Nassau Suffolk Neurology is the place for you!

What Can a Neurologist Do For You?

Nassau Suffolk Neurology, which is a Neurologist Long Island NY, offers an array of tests that can be done to help your nervous system! We offer EMG, EEG, BAER, VER, Balance testing, and an ANS Study. If anyone needs a neurologist, Nassau Suffolk Neurology is a high-quality Neurologist Long Island NY.

Due to there being such a wide range of diseases that a neurologist treats, there are various forms of treatment that the neurologist might suggest. The type of treatment a neurologist will suggest will vary greatly depending on what the injury is. A patient who has severe headaches will receive different treatment than a patient who has epilepsy. 

Neurologist Long Island NY

Dr. Anthony Adamo fulfills the high expectations that his patient set out for him.  With over 25 years of clinical experience in the neurology field, he has been serving the Long Island community with the highest care.  If you or someone you know suffer from any of these neurological disorders, then book an appointment with our Neurologist Long Island NY, with Nassau Suffolk Neurology!

Neurological Care for Chronic Headaches

 We’ve all experienced headaches at some point in our lives, most likely on multiple occasions. Usually, not much thought goes into it other than taking an over-the-counter headache medication and going about your day. But what happens when the headaches occur every day and are debilitating? Our Neurologist Long Island NY at Nassau Suffolk Neurology can help relieve those chronic headaches that just seem to never go away. 

When Should You See a Neurologist?

Usually for a headache that’s not so severe, taking a trip to your regular physician’s office is the typical route to take. When is it time to see a neurologist?

  • If your headache is followed by nausea, vomiting, confusion, unconsciousness, blurry vision, or dizziness. 
  • If the headaches occur more than twice a week
  • Over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs are not helping
  • It’s disabling you from living your daily life
  • The headache is caused by a head injury

These can be some warning signs that it is time you visit our Neurologist Long Island NY. 

How Does a Neurologist Diagnose Your Headache?

Your doctor may suspect a specific cause for your headaches so they may have some tests done and look at your records to rule possibilities out and see what could truly be causing your headache. The diagnosis process includes:

  • Medical or family history- If you or a family member have had a certain condition in the past, it may give your Neurologist Long Island NY a clue as to what could be causing these headaches. 
  • Physical Exam– Examining the body for any signs of an injury is important, as well. Doctors will typically examine the head, neck, and shoulders. 
  • Neurological exam– Your reaction time, vision, hearing, mobility tests, and nerves are all examined to narrow down the reason for the headaches
  • Blood tests and urinalysis– If there is an infection, a blood test or urinalysis will catch it. 
  • Spinal fluid test– This can pick up on certain infections, as well as if the brain is bleeding.
  • Neuroimaging– In order to find the cause, sometimes neurologists just need to take a look at the brain while you are experiencing one of your headaches. 

How Can a Neurologist Treat Headaches?

Depending on your age, overall health, the severity of symptoms, and medical history, the treatment plan for your headaches may vary from another patient’s headache. Your neurologist in West Islip may treat your headache by:

  • Biofeedback– By attaching electrodes to the skin and send signals to a monitor that displays either sound or a flash of light that represents your heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, or muscle activity. When we’re stressed, our heart rate and our blood pressure increase. Biofeedback allows you to practice techniques to remain relaxed, which allows you to control different body functions. You can use these techniques to turn down brain waves that are turned on when you have a headache. 
  • Medication– Your Neurologist Long Island NY may prescribe you medication that will treat your chronic headache. Your doctor may recommend antidepressants, beta-blockers, NSAIDs, or anti-seizure medications. 
  • Adjusting your diet- eating the proper vitamins and minerals can relieve that headache just doesn’t seem to go away. Foods that contain Vitamin B2, such as eggs, avocados, nuts, dairy products, and sweet potatoes can help reduce symptoms of a migraine. 
  • Acupuncture- Studies have shown that acupuncture helps decrease the frequency and severity of headaches.

If you are suffering from chronic headaches, you may benefit from seeing a Neurologist Long Island NY. Request an appointment with us at Nassau Suffolk Neurology, where your health is our highest priority.

What are the Different Types of Pain? 

If you suffer from different types of pain and are seeking a neurologist near West Islip, contact Nassau Suffolk Neurology for more information today! 

Pain is something that everyone should live without, however, millions of people suffer from pain every day. Some pain is more severe than others, but they should all be treated. Some of the different types of pain are:

  • Acute Pain: it’s a short term pain that hits suddenly and has a direct cause. It typically does not last for more than six months.
    • Examples: broken bones, surgery, dental work, cuts, burns.
  • Chronic Pain: Mild to severe pain that lasts for at least six months, but typically lasts for years. It can be caused by past injuries, but also has no apparent cause at times.
    • Examples: frequent migraines, nerve pain damage, low back pain, arthritis.
  • Nociceptive Pain: it’s the most common type of pain, and it is caused by the stimulation of nociceptors. Two types:
    • Visceral Pain: Injuries to your internal organs
    • Somatic Pain: Injuries to your tissues(Skin, muscles, joints)
  • Neuropathic Pain: It comes from a damaged nervous system. It can be caused by:
    • HIV
    • Car Accidents 
    • Infections
    • Shingles
    • Radiation

If you suffer from any of these types of pain, visit Nassau Suffolk Neurology. Our Neurologist Long Island NY will help relieve your pain right away!

How Can a Neurologist Treat Your Pain?

There is no reason for someone to suffer from pain. One of the best ways to resolve your pain is through neurological therapy. Our Neurologist Long Island NY can help relieve pain all throughout your body. Some ways that a neurologist can help are:

  • Avoid surgery
  • Treat neuropathy
  • Recover from a stroke
  • Recover from or prevent concussions
  • Improve balance
  • Manage headaches
  • Manage age-related issues
  • Treat post-traumatic conditions

If you are looking to improve in any of these fields, contact our neurologist in Lindenhurst NY. Our staff wants to ensure that you get back to your normal self without any problems.  

Neurologist Long Island NY

If you are looking for a neurologist near West Islip, then book an appointment with Nassau Suffolk Neurology! We will make sure that you are back to yourself in a matter of no time. 

Neurologist Long Island NY
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