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Battling Depression

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Depression is a serious condition that requires serious treatment. Depression is defined as a mental health disorder by regularly being in a depressed mood or having zero interest in everyday activities. Unfortunately, some people are afraid to admit that they are depressed, which is a horrible act because then they’re not getting the treatment you need and deserve. If you do not try to solve your depression than it is likely that you will become more depressed. If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, book an appointment with Nassau Suffolk Neurology. Our neurologist in Babylon wants to ensure that you are happy and have a purpose in everything that you do.

Symptoms of Depression 

When someone has depression it is more likely to occur in episodes (multiple times), as opposed to just happening once. Some of the symptoms that someone might be feeling during an episode are: 

  • Feeling Sad and Hopeless
  • Angry Outburst, even over small things
  • Lose pleasure and interest in normal activities
  • Sleep Disturbance
  • Lack of Energy
  • Anxiety
  • Reduced Appetite
  • Slow Thinking and Movements
  • Unexpected Physical Problems

As you can see, many symptoms come along with depression. You do not have to feel all of these symptoms to have depression, you may only experience a few. If you experience any of these symptoms consistently, talk to our neurologist in Babylon. 

Causes of Depression 

There are numerous reasons why someone can be depressed. Some of the reasons why people are depressed are due to:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Drug use
  • Marital conflict
  • Genetics
  • Major life changes
  • Serious physical or mental illness
  • Substance abuse

These are some of the many reasons why people are depressed. If you have experienced any of these events and you have noticed some of the symptoms listed above, contact our neurologist in Babylon right away.

How to Cope with Depression 

There are a few things that you can do to cope with your depression. As it was stated earlier if you do not treat your depression than it is likely that it will worsen, and you will only feel worse. Therefore, you must get the right treatment. Some ways you can cope with depression are:

  • Reach Out and Stay Connected
  • Do Things that Make You Feel Good
  • Get Moving
  • Eat Healthily
  • Spend Time in the Sunlight
  • Challenge Negative Thinking
  • Get Professional Help

These are some of the ways that you can cope with and treat your depression. If you are looking for other ways to treat your depression, talk to our neurologist in Babylon. 

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If you or a loved one is battling depression, come by Nassau Suffolk Neurology. Our expert neurologist in Babylon can help you feel better than ever!