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What is ALS?

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Best Neurologist on Long IslandAmyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerve cells throughout the brain and spinal cord. Neurons from the brain to the spinal cord signal muscles throughout the body and trigger movement. These specific nerve cells that are affected, control the muscles around the spinal cord and gradually degenerate over time. When these neurons begin to die, the body’s ability to control these muscles decreases. This causes many people to lose the ability to move, speak or eat. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms or have been diagnosed you may want to seek the help from the Best Neurologist on Long Island, Dr. Anthony Adamo.

The most common type of ALS is sporadic ALS. This form of the disease affects 90-95 percent of all ALS cases. The cause of this disease is unknown and can affect anyone. Familial ALS is an inherited type of ALS. It affects 5-10 percent of Americans. It occurs when some genes are mutated in sporadic ALS patients. 

ALS is more common with people between the ages of 40 through 70. ALS currently affects approximately 16,000 Americans with 5,000 people being diagnosed each year. It’s 20 percent more common in men than women but as age increases, the likeness between men and women becomes more equal.


ALS symptoms can range from severe to mild depending on how far the disease has progressed. It often involves problems with movement or neurological issues. Some symptoms include trouble walking, muscle cramps or stiffness, poor posture, slurred speech, and lack of control over common body parts. Because the neurons in the body start to die, common movements may become more difficult.


ALS is hard to diagnose because the symptoms can relate to many other common diseases. Though clinical examination and multiple tests, doctors and neurologists can rule out other diseases that eventually lead to the conclusion of an ALS diagnosis. Once Diagnosed, it’s important to receive a second opinion from a neurologist because symptoms mimic other treatable conditions. 


Although there is no cure for ALS, there are drugs that are FDA-approved to help and treat symptoms. These drugs can help deal with mood swings or emotional disorders that sometimes affect ALS patients. The average life expectancy is 3-5 years after the initial diagnosis. But sometimes people can live 5-10 more years after diagnosis. People with ALS are living longer due to clinical management and other remedies such as visiting neurologists to help with symptoms and begin treatment plans.

Best Neurologist on Long Island

Nassau Suffolk Neurology in Babylon focuses on minimizing the individuals’ discomfort and aiding recovery while determining the right treatment plan for you. Dr. Anthony Adamo is one of the best neurologists on Long Island. With his 15+ years of experience, he founded Nassau Suffolk Neurology. His office includes Electrodiagnostic tests and other measures to help properly diagnose ALS patients. His practice maintains the highest standard of clinical care on Long Island and is dedicated to your specific treatment. Multiple Tests to diagnose and treat different neurological diseases are offered at Nassau Suffolk Neurology through Dr. Anthony Adamo, which is why he’s considered the best neurologist on Long Island.